Eat Clean. Stay Active. Live Happy.

Hello! I'm a new mom hoping to inspire others to live a happier, healthy life through clean eating and active living! Let's do this together.

Banana Protein Pancakes


You guys, I have been wanting to share this recipe for months now! Where does time go? I make these moist, flavorful, protein-packed pancakes nearly every weekend. It’s a great change up to our boring weekly routine, and Sawyer eats them right up! My favorite part is that you literally toss everything in the food […]

Sea Salt & Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries


Happy New Year Everyone! Before I get to these amazingly delicious, thick cut, perfectly seasoned, Sweet Potato Fries, I have to share a few photos of my baby boy. Okay, so technically he is now a toddler, but all Mama’s will agree that they’ll always be our baby. If he would please stop growing so […]

Creamy Sweet Potato and Wild Rice Soup


A photo does not do this soup justice. It doesn’t capture the sweetness of the coconut milk broth singing of ginger, nutmeg, and cumin, or the tenderness of the sweet potato and savory rice. It doesn’t show the warmth, the comfort, and the soothing it brings to the soul. It’s a special soup. An incredibly […]

Happy Birthday!


Exciting day over here!! Today marks ONE WHOLE YEAR of life for I am a proud Mama to my Baby Blog. Running a food blog was always something I tossed around in my head for years. I made excuses like “no one will read it”, or “I don’t know how to photograph food”,  and […]

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